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Raphaël Filippi

Born in Lyon, he discovered windsurfing at the age of 12. In a few minutes, his life is turned upside down and his brain will never function normally again. He will very quickly become a professional and will spend most of his time travelling the planet to find the best waves. Fatally, he will become very strong because being a windsurfer means travelling with huge bags... more

César Filippi

Born in Lyon, he discovered Carro at the age of 15 days. He lives like a gypsy on the car park facing the spotlight, testing all the rolling and floating machines at his disposal. Small, certainly, but tonic, supple and enduring, he has a rather pleasant character despite his Corsican origins. He started surfing in front of his home at the age of 5 years old... more

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Rental in Carro

Viviane and Raphaël welcome you to the Carro Beach House on the spot. With family or friends, the ideal place to spend a relaxing or sporty holiday ! You will be able to windsurf but also surf, mountain bike, Stand-up Paddle, hiking or never know, if the wind wasn't there ! Discover the Carro Beach House


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